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Our solution


At Bazimo, all our customers are "prime"

You can use Bazimo in two different ways:

Use all the modules offered by Bazimo platform, like a complete ERP.

Access all the features and the release part.

A complete tool


Use Bazimo in addition to your traditional ERP to cover all your needs.

Access all the features except the release part.

A complement to your ERP

Group 35.png

Asset management

Easily analyze your portfolio

Visualize your entire real estate portfolio and access all building data in one click

  • Dashboards and analyses

  • Exchanges tracking

  • CAPEX and OPEX plans management

  • Regulatory requirements management

Pilotage des actifs.png
Pilotage des actifs

Tenant management

Manage your rents and charges in a simple way and be close to your tenants

Optimize your relationships and follow up on your tenants' requests, then release and control the charges of your entire portfolio

  • Rent management

  • Charges management

  • Releases

  • Contract management

  • Follow-up of tenants requests

  • Mailing

  • News sharing

  • Document management

Gestion loc.png
Gestion locative

Financial management

Follow and optimize your financial flows

Control all financial flows on your portfolio, follow your budgets, expenses and CAPEX plan

  • Budget monitoring

  • Follow-up of the CAPEX plan

  • Follow-up of rental statements

  • Charges management

  • Documents management

gest fin.png
Gestin financière

Technical management

Take back control of your technical management

Control the interventions of your providers and the technical condition of your buildings in order to minimize costs

  • Follow-up of the technical statement

  • Contracts management

  • Regulatory requirements management

  • Creation of technical reports

  • Document management

gest tech.png
Gestion technique

Sustainable development

Rate your assets and get the ISR label

Set up all the necessary ESG criteria and rate the assets in your portfolio

  • ESG criteria rating

  • ISR label

  • Environmental certifications and labels 

dev dur.png
Développemet durable
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