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[PRESS] Bazimo in the top 10 of French Proptech to follow

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

This Friday, November 4, 2022, the magazine Business Immo published its ranking of "Futures all-stars of Proptech", of which BAZIMO was named with 9 other young shoots of proptech.

“We are very happy to see Bazimo included in this ranking, and we warmly thank Business Immo for having named us. This ranking highlight and values our work and our teams who work daily to try to advance the tertiary real estate sector and thus offer our customers the ambition to go further in the digitalization of their processes." Chloé Rayssac – Co-founder & CEO

Through a complete dossier on proptech in its latest issue, Business Immo brings some recognition to proptech companies in the real estate sector. And to quote one of the articles: "Whether they are partners or competitors, the young shoots are ready to move the lines."

The mention of Bazimo in the article (french):

English translation:

Bazimo: the application made in France. Founded in 2016, this French PropTech, headquartered in Montpellier, is the first collaborative platform for tertiary asset management. It develops innovative operational management tools aimed at transforming knowledge and information into usable data for financial analysis. Bazimo has developed an interface for asset managers and property managers to access their property data to easily manage rentals, requests or even maintenance. The tool makes it possible to harmonize procedures and facilitate exchanges between the parties. In February 2017, Bazimo raises €128,000 in funds to finance its growth. This funding round was carried out with several private investors. The Drooms company, which specializes in datarooms for real estate professionals, took a stake in the capital of Bazimo in February 2002: "The collaboration with Drooms will result in the development of offers on both sides, indicates Chloé Rayssac, CEO and founder of Bazimo. Our approach now enables the real estate sector to provide transparent, reliable, and relevant management information for reporting and asset analysis purposes. Part of the application exclusively processes ESG data from input by operational staff to analysis. We are delighted to have found in Drooms a strong and experienced partner with whom we will take the sector to the next level. This union will, for example, make it possible to centralize reliable real estate and ESG data, based on a vast system of operational modules and analyses. Bazimo is a member of French PrropTech, the movement of French PropTech start-ups, of which Chloé Rayssac is a founding member.

To read the article in its entirety (only available in French): "Les futures all stars de la proptech : dix entreprises à suivre"

We also recommend (only available in French): "Quand l'immobilier se met enfin à l'heure digitale"

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